DEWALT DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Review

DeWalt was started in 1936 by Raymond E. DeWalt who invented the radial arm saw. Now, the company has become a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries. You can find its products almost in all the major hardware stores such as Homedepot and Lowes.
DEWALT DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Kit

Overall Features:

The DeWalt 12V MAX Cordless Inspection Camera has a 3.5 inch LCD screen. That is quite common nowadays. What makes it unique is that its detachable screen. This feature opens up a lot of new possibilities in applications. We will explain it later in details. The DeWalt 12V MAX has an ergonomic grip that is similar to the rest of the DeWalt 12V tool line with rugged plastic and rubber overmold. It has a 3 foot long waterproof camera cable. The LED light at the camera head can be adjusted to achieve the optimum results. The image on the screen could be rotated, which helps you decipher what is on the screen during use. The unit supports SD card. You can take pictures or videos to capture the job site and store them in the memory card. Later on, you can transfer them to the computer. This is very useful feature especially when you work with a client. You may need to either show where the problem is or write a report with it. This inspection camera is ideal for plumbers, remodelers, electricians, or maintenance workers who need the ability to capture videos and photos in tight and hard to reach places. For example, it could be behind the walls. This is just a quick overview of the unit. Let us dive deep to show you its features in details.

DEWALT DCT410S1 Detachable Screen

Detachable wireless screen:

Let us talk about the detachable wireless screen. This is an extremely useful feature that DeWalt 12V MAX camera has. With non-detachable screen, sometimes it is difficult to follow the screen while you try to put the camera into the tight area. With DeWalt 12V MAX inspection camera, you can remove the screen from the handle and put it on the table. Now, when you move the camera head around, the screen is always static and stays upright. So, you do not have to tilt or move your head around to see the screen. Or, you can have your co-worker look at the screen, while you focus on getting the camera head to the right place. This is certainly a lot easier than do both by yourself.

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Image rotation:

During use, you always find yourself look at the things from strange angles. That makes things difficult to decipher. Image rotation is very useful in that regard. 

Camera diameter and its cable

As mentioned before, the camera cable is water proof. This is essential for a lot of applications. The DeWalt 12V MAX series has 3 different models. The DeWalt DCT410-S1 is a general purpose inspection camera with a 17mm diameter camera cable while DCT411-S1 and DCT412-S1 have 9mm and 5.8mm diameter camera respectively. Why is this even important? Apparently, you can use small diameter camera for the application in tight areas such as auto inspection.DeWalt DCT412S1 Camera

DeWalt DCT412S1 inspection camera with 5.8mm camera head

More importantly, the camera cables among three models are interchangeable, which is super useful. You can get the DeWalt DCT410-S1 (17mm head) and then buy DCT4102 9mm camera cable. Depending on the situation, you can use either one of those camera heads for the best results.

Accessories, Battery and battery charge time

This unit comes with a hook and magnet tools that can be attached to the camera head. The magnet could be used to pick up small metal objects while the hook used to retrieve non-metal objects.

Other interesting things to mention

  1. The unit has a one hour charger that charges the battery in one hour.
  2. The tip is marked with a yellow line to indicate up.

Above, we covered a few important features of  DeWalt DCT410-S1. You can also read the following very insightful review about the camera.

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In all, the DEWALT DCT410S1(17mm camera) 12V MAX camera is a general purpose inspection camera suitable for lots of uses. Plus, it also has an optional 9mm camera cable, which makes the unit very versatile. This is our favorite inspection cameras we have reviewed so far.