General Tools & Instruments DCS400 Inspection Camera Review

General Tools & Instruments started in New York city more than 90 years ago. It specializes in hand tools and special instruments. Even though the brand of General Tools and Instruments is not as big as DEWALT or Milwaukee, you can still find them in the B&M hardware store such as Homedepot.

Overall Features:

General Tools DCS400 Wireless Video Inspection CameraThe General Tools DCS400 has a comfortable pistol grip. It comes with a 3.5 inch LCD screen that is detachable. It is a great feature to have. We will explain it in details. Its camera cable and camera is waterproof and 3 ft long. It also has the adjustable LED lights to achieve best results. Sometimes, you need to turn it down to reduce glare. It has 4X digital zoom-in capability. The image on the screen could be rotated (flipped, more precisely), which helps you understand what you look at on the screen.

You can use the inspection camera to capture videos and photos in the hard to reach places and save them in the SD memory card for future reference. You may also show your clients the pictures before and after the fix. You can also transfer those pictures and videos to your computer through the camera’s usb port. Not many inspection cameras are equipped with usb port. General Tools DCS400 inspection camera has one. You should take full advantage of it. The camera also comes with a mirror, a pick-up hook and a magnet pick-up that can be clipped at the end of the camera to retrieve the items on the spot. This is an executive review of what the General Tools DCS400 inspection camera offers. Let us explain some of them in great details.


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Detachable wireless screen:

The General Tools DCS400 has the detachable wireless screen. The detached screen is a great feature for the inspection camera to have. You can take off the camera from the handle and put it on the table and even attach to the metal surface since the inspection camera has a magnet on its back side. Now, when you try to manuver the camera head into the perfect spot, the screen is always stays upright and does not move with the camera handle. It saves the hassle for you to move your head around to follow the screen movement. When you are at the job site with your colleague, either you or your colleague can look at the screen while the other try to get the camera head to the right spot. This is a great feature that saves you lot of headache.

The DCS400’s camera diameter option and its focus:

Is DCS400 really out of focus?

This camera has three camera diameter options, 12mm, 9mm, 5.5mm. Sometimes, people prefer small diameter camera since it goes into the tight areas. But, just watch out. All of them are close focus probe. It means that the probe is designed to focus at 0.5 to 5 inches. Not all the people like that though. Actually, some of the customer were saying about they can not see the objects far away. Here is the cure for that. You can buy the optional far field camera probe whose focus is usually 4 inch and beyond. You have to buy it separately. The General Tools part number for it is P230-1F.

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Image rotation and LED light adjustable:

When you use the inspection camera, you are often in the situation to figure out what is on the screen. To be able to rotate the image on the screen helps tremendously in that regard. As for the adjustable LED light, you will need it. It is a must have feature. When a piece of shiny metal surface is in the way, the bright LED light can cause a strong glare to oversaturate the screen. You will not be able to tell you what is on the screen. Then, LED light has to be tuned down a bit.

What others say about the camera:

People overall like the camera but some of them complain about the camera focus. Once again, the camera comes with a close(0.5 to 5 inch range) focus camera. Anything beyond that range will be out of focus. But, if there are needs, you can always buy the optional far field camera probe. Its focus is usually 4 inch and beyond as mentioned.

In case you need audio annotation

The DCS400 inspection camera does not have audio annotation capability. But, if you want to have your inspection camera with that feature. Here is the another General Tools camera we can recommend.

General Tools DCS350

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The General Tools & Instruments DCS400 inspection camera is more than just decent. It is at the top of our recommendation list for the inspection camera. It has almost all the bells and whistles you want to have for an inspection camera. If you are a home owner or contractor, it is worthwhile to own this unit. It will save a lot of headache and money for you down the road.