Milwaukee M-SPECTOR 2311-21 Inspection Camera Review

Milwaukee Electric Tool was founded in 1924. After ninety years, with its symbolic red, it has become one of the industry-leading manufacturers and an international brand of the power and hand tools.

Overall Review

The Milwaukee 2311-21 inspection camera is the latest generation of Milwaukee inspection cameras. It has a 3.5 inch LCD screen. You can rotate the image on the screen, which helps you decipher what is on the screen. The kit comes with a 3 ft long water proof camera cable and a 17mm(optional 9.5mm) camera probe. Also, its LED lights are adjustable. When the LED lights come against something reflective, the image on the screen could get over-saturated, you need to turn down the lights a bit to ensure the best view. You can certainly capture videos and photos with the inspection camera and save those in the SD memory card for your reference in the future. Those files could be transferred to your computer through the camera’s usb port too. It also has the audio annotation capability. Not all the inspection on the market have the usb port and audio capability at the same time. But, this unit has both. The battery run is 12 hours per charge. This is reasonably long compared with inspection cameras. As you can see, it has almost all the bells and whistles you can find with other inspection cameras in the market except … Hold on. We will talk about it in a minute.

Milwaukee 2311-21 Digital Inspection Camera


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Camera Cable

The camera/snake cable is pretty heavy duty. Its coating is strong and durable, suitable for tough jobs.

Image rotation and auto contrast

As said many times in the reviews, the adjustable LED lights is a must-have feature. When the LED lights come against something reflective, the glare could block screen view. You need to tune down the lights to get rid of glare.

Small diameter camera option

The unit comes with a 17mm camera head. It is suitable for general application. If you plan to do lot of motorized vehicle inspection or prefer smaller camera head. 9.5 mm camera head is the obvious choice. Its model name is 2312-21.

Support SD memory card and USB

The inspection camera supports SD memory card. Actually, the units comes with a 2G memory card. You can store the pictures and videos into SD card and show it to your client or co-worker later on. As said, USB is support is not very often with the inspection camera. This unit has it. You take full advantage of it.

Audio annotation

This is another rare feature supported by the inspection cameras in the market. Again, this Milwaukee camera supports it. With its integrated microphone, you can voice annotate the video on the job site.

Battery and battery charge time

It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery and a fast charger. The charging time is about half an hour to one hour. Its runtime 12 hours per charge. This is more than just decent.


This is where that “except” comes from. It is still puzzling to us. The unit does NOT come with the mirror, hook and the magnet add-on that most of the inspection cameras do. Why is that? We do not know. This is still puzzling to us.


The Milwaukee 2311-21 inspection camera takes a difficult job and made it so much easier. It could be a great helper for the electricians, HVAC technicians, home inspectors, plumbers, and homeowners by helping debug the various problems. One example, re-wiring in a old house. With the help of the inspection camera, you can figure out how the existing wiring is with just drilling small holes in the wall instead of tearing down or opening up things. You can imagine how much time and energy it will save for each project. In all, the Milwaukee 2311-21 inspection camera is a solid product. It has almost all the functions that other inspection camera in the market have. It is a bit more expensive than other products. But, if you are not tight with your budget and you want more bells & whistles with your camera, this could be a good choice. We do not know if this will be your best inspection camera. What we do know is that this camera is definitely worth looking into. Hope this gets you one step closer to your next inspection camera. If there is any question, please let us know.