Ridgid 37888 CA-300 Micro Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid Tool Company was founded in 1923. It manufactures and distributes the hand tools under the Ridgid name. The company manufactures various types of tools. Lot of them are distributed through B&M hardware store like Homedepot.

The Ridgid 37888 CA-300 Micro inspection camera is one of its latest offering for its inspection product line. The Ridgid CA-300 Micro inspection camera has a comfortable pistol grip design. It has a 3.5 inch LCD screen with the image rotation function. It comes with an aluminum head camera for general purpose application while offers optional 6mm imager with 3 feet cable. Both are waterproof cables. The default 17mm camera has 4 bright LED lights whose intensity could be adjusted. While it is equipped with an internal memory of 235M, it also supports SD memory cards. Furthermore, it has the usb capability too. You can transfer the saved pictures and videos through the usb cable. It even offers audio annotation ability. Essentially, you can document the video with your voice.

Ridgid CA300 Inspection Camera

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Adjustable LED lights

As mentioned many times in the reviews of other inspection cameras, the adjustable LED lights is a must-have. Without it, the glare caused by a small piece of reflective metal surface could get over-saturated and block the screen image.

Image rotation

During use, you often find yourself look at the things in a very strange angle, which makes things difficult to understand. It is critical for the camera to have the capability of rotating the image on the screen to help you decipher those quickly.

Small diameter camera option and other camera options

Ridgid 37098 Imager 6mmSmall diameter camera option is always nice to have. They become very handy when you inspect the tight areas. The Ridgid CA-300 Micro inspection camera offers the 6mm imager either 3 or 12 feet long

Support SD memory card, USB port

The units supports SD memory card. That means that you can store the pictures and videos into SD card and could show it to your client or co-worker.

Audio annotation

The inspection camera has an embedded microphone. With that, the audio annotation becomes possible. You can document your video with the commentary on the spot to further complete the documentation part of your video for the best results.


This unit comes with the standard combo set, the hook, magnet and mirror. Those could be attached to the probe tip to pick the small objects on spot.

The Ridgid CA-300 inspection camera enable homeowners, home inspectors and HVAC technicians to debug and document the problems with ease. It saves a lot of your time and headache. The investment on it pays itself very quickly.